Hey there! Welcome to my Neocities page. I'm SUPERHS (all caps!), but you can just call me Denden. This site is a sort-of landing page for my social media accounts, as well as a place where I share my art, post stuff I'm working on, etc. To learn more about me, click on the navigation buttons to the left.


[4/07/2024] Progress updateees

Working on OC pages, then next the about me page.
Fun fact for you guys: I accidentally drew Delanna's artwork over the main symbol that Denden's was in (I use Flash CS6, if you're wondering), and I didn't make a backup or anything, and I'm too lazy to redraw it right now in case I ever need to edit it, so uh... it's this now.

[3/24/2024] New computer & more

Gave up on rss stuff, screw it im writing these manually. Anyways, I got a new computer, and it's like, miles better than my old one. Want to work on site more but im busy with other things at the moment so hopefully i can properly transition the site to this design/layout in the near future. Yayy!

[2/24/2024] New design work begins!

Started working on new website design, even though I started a day ago technicallly but shh. Writing this in straight-up HTML until i can figure out how to hide the stupid RSS title from the RSS2HTML thing.

v5.0 BETA - 2024 superhs
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