Hey there! Welcome to my Neocities page. I'm SUPERHS (all caps!), but you can just call me Denden. This site is a sort-of landing page for my social media accounts, as well as a place where I share my art, post stuff I'm working on, etc. To learn more about me, click on the navigation buttons to the left.


[7/12/2024] RETURN!

Ughhhh..... its been 3 monthfs.. anyways uhhh HI IM ALIVE i will keep working on this site i PROMISE... anyways on a different note can we kill discord employees for making image links expire? ive been going through my toyhouse and other shit fixing broken images and whatnot and its just so UGHHH WHYYY DID YOU DO THIS TO MEPLEAASE..,,

[4/07/2024] Progress updateees

Working on OC pages, then next the about me page.
Fun fact for you guys: I accidentally drew Delanna's artwork over the main symbol that Denden's was in (I use Flash CS6, if you're wondering), and I didn't make a backup or anything, and I'm too lazy to redraw it right now in case I ever need to edit it, so uh... it's this now.

[3/24/2024] New computer & more

Gave up on rss stuff, screw it im writing these manually. Anyways, I got a new computer, and it's like, miles better than my old one. Want to work on site more but im busy with other things at the moment so hopefully i can properly transition the site to this design/layout in the near future. Yayy!

[2/24/2024] New design work begins!

Started working on new website design, even though I started a day ago technicallly but shh. Writing this in straight-up HTML until i can figure out how to hide the stupid RSS title from the RSS2HTML thing.

v5.0 BETA - 2024 superhs
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