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hey everyone! i'm working on new layout for the site. expect it to look a little something like the image below soon enough :3


I am currently feeling The current mood of superhs at


> Landing Page
> About Me
> Links Center
> Projects Center (WIP)
> Art Center
> Flash Center
> OC Center

the rest of the site is wip LOL sorry

Uhhhh hey >_< does anyone wanna come over to my house an- OUGHHH I FORGOT! (;>_<;) you CANT! L(゚皿゚メ)」you cant come to my house because i live in a middle place between the world and timee ((ヾ(≧皿≦メ)ノ)) just kiddin guys i live in the ol city of chicago :3

if it doesn't have wip to it that means you can go there and there is at least a slight chance it will work


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Chatbox removed, i dunno what else to put in its place so here's a link to the art page.