I like many, many things. I could go on and on about the things I like, why I like them, etc, but I think it would be easier to just list them here.

Jungle DNB (classic/ambient/VGM)

Probably my favorite kind of music, with breakcore (the Goreshit/Venetian snares kind, not the emo edgy anime cover kind) coming in at a close second. I found Redial from Bomberman Hero, found a mix of that kind of music through that, and the rest is history. You can see most of the songs I like in the Webamp player that spawns in the bottom left corner of the page. Most of it is jungle, so hopefully you enjoy the little mix I made.

FAVORITES: Bomberman Hero, SF3III, 1080° Snowboarding, Ape Escape, RRT4
Y2K Design

I feel like my love for Y2K design branched off from my constant listening of Jungle, because a lot of games with Jungle music also happen to have Y2K design in them (the Wipeout series, RR4, etc.), so it was only natural I got hooked onto it. There's just something about Y2K graphic design that is so appealing to me, and I can't really put my finger on it. Just all the round yet sharp bits and all the abstract fonts stick out to me a lot, and I've been trying to learn how to replicate the coolness of Y2K stuff for a good while now. The 3rd version of this site was really heavily relaint on that kind of design, and I've strayed away from it however I still will find ways to incorporate it in this newer version. (hint: look at the header of this site and the 'back' button)

FAVORITES: DV-i, CROSSNIQ+, VIVIDLOPE, any game from late 90's - early 2000's

I've been a fan of the Sonic series practically since I was born, due to my older cousin constantly consuming Sonic media. Naturally I picked up on this, and also became obsessed with Sonic and everything about him. He's basically one of the main reasons I started drawing, my first real drawings being of him, etc. The first Sonic games I played were Sonic 06 (Great first game, I know), Sonic Adventure DX on a Gamecube we got from an old neighbor at a garage sale, the Sonic Rush Trilogy (Rush, Rush Adventure, and Colors DS) Sonic Generations (for both 3DS and the 360, and a rented copy of Sonic Unleashed that I barely got through because I was 6 at the time (crazy, I know). The earliest Sonic game I've beaten by myself was the 360 version of Generations, which I was 8, and spent a week trying to beat the Time Eater.

So yeah, I've basically been around Sonic since birth, and have been a huge fan ever since. Even through all the ups and downs of recent years, I will never stop liking the silly little blue hedgehog.

FAVORITES: CD, Adventure 1 and 2, Generations, Robo Blast 2
Other Obscure Games

I forgot what exactly happened to make me like it, but I've liked the PaRappa series ever since early 2018. I didn't have any good way to play the games at the time, so the way I ended up beating the first game for the 1st time was on a really crappy Android tablet through PPSSPP with the PSP port of the game. I almost cried beating the final stage because of the input delay and lag, but when I found my old PSP, I instantly homebrewed it and got the port on there. I've also beaten Um Jammer Lammy through that, and beat PTR2 through PCSX2. I have a real PS2, however it's a Slim moel, and the disc reader on it is broken, meaning I can't do anything cool with it. When I got a PS4, I instantly bought PTR2, and will buy the remaster of the first game when I get the money to.

My interest in Rakugakids has been a sort of come-and-go thing, where I become obsessed with the game for a good month or so, forget about it, then come back to it a few months later. It's a really well made game, and honestly it looks like something out of the Gamecube era instead of the N64 era. The music is really good, and I absolutely adore the character design. My favorite character in the game is Captain. Cat. Kit (mainly because he looks like PaRappa and my brain goes "oiugh. parapap.. parpa.. Prapa!! Yaaay)

The Dokodemo fixation is more of a recent thing, and was only really because I got a bunch of content relating to it on my Pinterest and Tiktok, so I was like "hmm that cat looks silly asf let me look at more of this stuff" and now I love the game. I loaded the PSP port of the PS1 game onto my PSP a couple days ago (as of writing this, at least) and played a decent amount of the game, and it's pretty neat!

FAVORITES: PaRappa, Rakugakids, Dokodemo Issyo, & more

Note: None of these are in any particular order.


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Basically every Sonic game, basically any rhythm game, Splatoon 3, Kirby Superstar Ultra, Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, Spark The Electric Jester 3, Freedom Planet, TF2, DELTARUNE, Tetris: The Grand Master, the Henry Stickmin series, and more


Sonic X, Aggretsuko, Dragon Ball, the Sonic movies,... uh, idk what else


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